Tinius Olsen FH-011

Tinius Olsen’s model FH-011 Universal Hardness Tester has Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell testing capability. It’s an automatic universal hardness tester using the latest in turret technology to hold up to three different indenters and three viewing objectives which are automatically selected and utilised when a test is started.

The FH-011 features a large integral touch screen in support of easy test selection and viewing of the hardness profile throughout the test in accordance with ASTM E18 and ISO 6501 for Rockwell, ASTM E384 and ISO 6507 for Knoop and Vickers, ASTM E10 and ISO 6506 for Brinell hardness tests on metals, be it sheet, blocks or complex profile components.

Please do explore the interactive Universal hardness tester product overview and contact us for a live demonstration, quote or more information.